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About Us


The Schalun Organisation is the holding company for a number of branded websites that cover business and leisure topics. Our founder, Thom Poole first worked with the Internet in 1992, when he put his first web-marketing strategy together for his then employer - a strategy still being used. He saw great potential in the medium as an information provider, and has sought to develop websites that exploit this potential ever since.


We have endeavoured to provide the most comprehensive information on the subject matter for the users - and wish to maintain access for all users to this information. Content will be constantly updated to ensure relevance and links to third parties will allow readers to increase their knowledge with other products, as applicable.


There are also a number of consultancy and agencies incorporated within the Schalun Organisation. These have grown to provide businesses around the world with first-class, professional support in areas such as marketing, PR, quality and web design.


Information on the directors of the Schalun Organisation can be found by clicking HERE.


We hope you enjoy surfing our sites, and should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send us .