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One of the oldest brands in the Schalun Organisation portfolio is the Jack Business Solutions brand. The organisation all started off with Jack Marketing Solutions.



Jack Business Solutions website can be found at



The websites being launched are as follows (in alphabetical order). If anyone has any interest in writing for any of these sites, or wishes to invest in any, please click on the relevant link.


Green Dolphin PR

Jack Communications Solutions

Jack Computing Solutions

Jack Design Solutions


Jack Management Solutions

Jack Marketing Solutions

Jack Quality Solutions


Jack Training Solutions

Rebel Marketing


Further sales of shares must be cleared with the company first, otherwise ownership will not be recognised. The shares will pay an annual dividend (where applicable) to shareholders six months after the end of the tax year (which ends 31st March).


All shares relate to the Schalun Organisation as a whole, and despite the fact that shares will be released as new sites are launched, they will benefit from all the sites owned by the company, and all the activities undertaken by the company. Sites that do not perform will be sold or axed.